New York Expands Employee Whistleblower Protections

Effective January 26, 2022, section 740 of the New York Labor Law (NYLL) will be expanded to enhance protections for employee whistleblowers. Until now, the New York whistleblower protection law has been interpreted fairly narrowly and was limited. The old


Recent Changes to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and Age Discrimination

On October 5, 2021, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law legislation that expands the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) to expand protections for older employees. Section 11 of the NJLAD has been removed which means that New


What constitutes an unlawful hostile work environment?

Hostile work environment is a frequently used and frequently misinterpreted phrase that has a specific legal definition. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination establishes a hostile work environment exists when an employee can prove that the harassment he or she


New Jersey Supreme Court rules that supervisor’s use of ethnic slurs against an employee on only two occasions is enough to establish a hostile work environment claim

The New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously held that a supervisor’s two instances of offensive slurs were sufficient to support a hostile work environment claim. On June 16, 2021, the Court held in Rios Jr. v. Meda Pharmaceutical, Inc., that two


Rights Of Home Health Care Aide Workers

Most home health care workers must be paid minimum wage and overtime pay. Minimum wage in New Jersey is $12.00 per hour and in New York City, it is $15.00 per hour. If a worker works more than 40 hours


Arbitration in New Jersey Law Against Discrimination Claims

There has been much debate in New Jersey on whether arbitration agreements are enforceable in discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims brought under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD). The New Jersey District Court settled this matter in N.J. Civil


Beware of No-Fault Attendance Policies

There is a practice that some employers utilize that employees need to understand. It is known as a “No-Fault Attendance Policy.” These policies provide for automatic discipline, up to termination, after a specified number of absences or “occurrences” within a


New Jersey’s Minimum Wage increases to $12 per hour starting January 1, 2021

The 2021 minimum wage for most employees in New Jersey will be $12 per hour — an increase from $11 per hour in 2020. The minimum wage for tipped employees is increasing to $4.13 per hour, up from $3.13 per


New York City Expands Paid Sick Leave for Employees

Effective January 1, 2021, New York City is expanding its paid sick leave law. The amendments to the NYC Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law (“NYCPSL”) provide the following: Employers with 100 or more employees must provide up to 56


New Jersey COVID-19 Employment Update: Executive Order 192

The Covid-19 outbreak continues to lead to new laws and regulations in the workplace. The most recent is Executive Order 192, issued by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy which took effect on November 5, 2020. This Order requires employers with

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