New York State may end Minimum Wage Tip Credit

In most of the country, businesses can pay their tipped workers—such as servers and bartenders—only $2.13 per hour, so long as the tips the workers make raise their hourly rate to at least $7.25, the federal minimum wage. This is


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Signs Executive Order Promoting Equal Pay

On January 16, 2018, Governor Phil Murphy’s first official act as Governor was to sign Executive Order No. 1, promoting equal pay for women. The Order bars managers in state government from asking job applicants about their salary history, because


New Jersey Upgrades its Ban-the-Box Law

On December 20, 2017, then-Governor Chris Christie signed into law Senate Bill 3306, enacting new protections for job seekers who have a criminal record. The law, effective immediately, is intended to give ex-offenders a chance to speak personally with interviewers


New Jersey Enacts New Law to Protect Breastfeeding Employees

On January 8, 2017, Governor Chris Christie signed into law a package of new protections for workers who breastfeed on the job. The law, which amends the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD), prohibits employers from firing or discriminating against


Have you been sexually harassed at work? Find out what constitutes sexual harassment under the law.

Sexual harassment is everywhere in the news right now. From Harvey Weinstein to Al Franken to Louis C.K. to Matt Lauer, it seems like every day there are new revelations of sexual harassment in the workplace. So, what exactly is


Paid breaks? The Third Circuit says yes, if they are 20 minutes or less.

Employers must pay employees for breaks that last 20 minutes or less, even when they are logged off their computers and not doing any work, according to a new decision by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Secretary, United


Salary Secrecy Policies are Common – and Illegal

“How much do you get paid?” This is a question that many employers tell employees never to ask or answer, and some employers go as far as telling employees it’s a fireable offense. But is this legal? What if you’re


Federal Court Certifies Class Action for NY Bloomberg Analytics Representatives

Hundreds of employees of Bloomberg who assist customers with their Bloomberg terminals have been certified as a class and can proceed with their federal lawsuit to recover unpaid overtime wages. The named plaintiff, Eric Rosenman, filed the suit in the


Third Circuit Holds Dancer Can Pursue Statutory Claim in Court Despite Arbitration Clause

On August 17, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit held that a dancer who sued a club under federal and state labor laws can pursue her claims in court, despite the arbitration clause in her contract


Would You Let Your Employer Microchip You?

A Wisconsin company has generated a lot of recent press for being the first company in the United States to microchip its employees, but it is also generating a fair amount of controversy. The company, Three Square Market, which makes

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