After Pfizer Ruling, Here Are Keys to Using Electronic Media to Present Binding Arbitration Policies

By Charles Toutant

The “Skuse” appeals court said the manner of presenting the arbitration clause was too “oblique” and failed to provide the requisite assent of employees. In the wake of an Appellate Division ruling invalidating Pfizer Inc.’s electronic distribution of a mandatory


New Brunswick sports bar to pay $57K to former employees, following wage theft suit


NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – A New Brunswick sports bar has agreed to pay $57,500 to six former employees, following a wage theft lawsuit that went on several years, according to a release from New Labor, a local worker’s rights group.


Merrill Employees Seek Overtime Pay for Vetting Brokers’ E-Mails

By Mason Braswell

Merrill Lynch is violating federal and state labor laws by failing to pay overtime to over 50 compliance employees who review emails for the firm’s retail brokers, according to a class-action claim filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court of